It can happen in the blink of an eye. Someone else’s carelessness can result in an injury, and suddenly your life, your finances and your family are placed in jeopardy. An injury accident can have a profound effect on everything you hold dear and the choices you make right now are critical.

Bankruptcy starting at only $699*

Are you overwhelmed by debt? Have you become unemployed? Suffered significant medical expenses? Been victimized by shady lenders or outrageous interest rates? Been traumatized by a divorce? You may want to consider filing bankruptcy.


At Tramel Law Group, we all share a deep sense of community and responsibility and believe that helping others should be an integral part of every business’s way of life. Tramel Law Group donates a percentage of all our attorney’s fees to a charity of each of our client’s choosing.

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Tramel Law Group is a personal injury and bankruptcy law firm which is dedicated to providing superior, aggressive representation to the injured and those in need of a fresh financial start.

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